Thursday, June 08, 2006

Artist Statement

Most people operate in an unexplored and unstated context of conventional observation and thought that obscures or avoids seeing and understanding how the world really is and how we really are.

My work explores two inter-related dimensions – the seen and the unseen.

In my view, all the elements of the seen and the unseen are in immediate relationship and responsive to each other, and no part is uninfluenced by what goes on elsewhere.

In ‘Images of Earth and Spirit’ I take snapshots of nature as a starting point and explore – in mixed media – the energy, the power, the spirit, inherent within the outer form. (“The force that through the green fuse drives the flower” – Dylan Thomas).

In ‘Art Comes To Life’ I take the ideas and images I work with and apply them to everyday objects, giving them a new identity and significance. These objects, ideas and images then become part of “the stuff that surrounds us” rather than some remote and irrelevant concept.

The same principles apply to my more personal work where I explore my own life journey and visually journal the experiences and emotions that shape it and are shaped by it.

Inspired and influenced by many writers, painters and theologians such as Graham Sutherland, Sabrina Ward Harrison, Madeleine L’Engle, Julia Cameron, Walter Wink and Tom Wright I am developing my own visual language of words, images, colours, numbers and found elements to continue to explore, understand and express the seen and the unseen.

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