Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Current reading ...

They've opened a new Borders store in Talbot Green. It's one of my favourite bookshops and the most fun way of disposing of any money I have. I bought two books there last week and they've both been very exciting!

"The Creative Habit" by Twyla Tharp. She's a dancer / choreographer and she writes about the processes and disciplines of creative work. Learn some habits and use them for life, she basically says. I read a few lines, a page, a chapter and then find I'm up and working! It makes me feel that productive! As a result I'm developing some new ways of processing my work which is challenging but fun. Might help to make me a better artist ... who knows.

The other book is "Esopus" - and it's a bit harder to describe. Its a compilation of pieces by different artists (novelists, poets, artists, production designers and others) showing their creative process and their working methods. I'm always fascinated by this kind of thing because there are not many mentors or practioners to learn from so it's good to see how they work.

Personally, I'm aware that I produce something and it's either OK or it's not. But it seems, from both these books, that people who take their 'craft' seriously, work and rework and rework a piece. I'm provoked by that. Lots to learn.

If you come across anything brilliant and useful let me know and I'll publish details here so we can exchange ideas and information. Email me at

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