Saturday, July 01, 2006


One of my current projects is a series of pictures on the theme of water. What is it and how does it work?

On the one hand it is
"a clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid";
On the other it is
"an otherworld element, fluid, mysterious and life-giving, but also capricious and destructive".

It is often said that people get their best ideas or do their best thinking when they are in the shower, the bath (eureka) or washing their hands. Maybe its walking by the sea (very contemplative) or by a river or a lake.

I think it's the water. You can say that the mind goes calm and the subconscious rises when engaged in a simple, repetitive task. But what if it's the water itself (in some mystical way) that actually produces that trance-like state?

I'm exploring some of this. Water and wells, springs, rivers, and the sea. The Celts and water. Christians and water.
Clean water; living water. Water as a fundamental of life and as a source of healing and regeneration. Baptism.

These are some details for the pictures I've done so far. Going to be 15 pictures (8.5 ins X 8.5 ins unframed) - 12 in the series and 3 to give away. Plus a load more bigger ones because I've got some great photos I want to use.

Oh, and waterfalls - a fascinating image since I was young and saw a painting of Pistyll Rheadr in my dad's AA Road Guide (Places of Interest to visit).

WOW - these pictures of water are AMAZING, really really good. Can't wait to see all 15 xxx
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