Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Calling all zealots!!!

The word "studio" is derived from the Latin word, studere, meaning to study with zeal, eagerness, application. The French term for studio, atelier, in addition to designating an artist's studio is used to characterize the studio of a fashion designer. Atelier also has the connotation of being the home of an alchemist or wizard.

But in medieval times the studio was not the province of one individual but home to a large collective or workshop filled with artists and craftspeople working with energy and ambition, but often in anonymity.

A studio is a laboratory for creativity.

What would I do if I won the lottery? Set up studios all over the place, and let them be a gathering place for the artists, the mystics, the prophets, the outcasts, the renegades.

Oh, and thereā€™d be a kitchen so we could all eat together, share stories, help each other and have a laugh.

These are some photos Jo took of my studio here in Cardiff.

brilliant!!! DO IT DO IT!!!

i want a studio! at the moment my studio consists of a LOT of mess and paint and glue and paper all over the floor of Richard and Sharon's spare bedroom!!! (i keep the door closed at all times of course)

a great idea! (yours about the studios, not mine about the messy floor)

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