Monday, December 04, 2006

10 of my favourite smells ...

  1. magazines
  2. paint
  3. chinese food
  4. new carpet
  5. the sea
  6. fire
  7. frying onions
  8. tar
  9. nail varnish
  10. wood

10 of my less than favourite smells

  1. metal
  2. anything old
  3. stale cigarette smoke
  4. oil
  5. marker pens
  6. plastic
  7. raw meat
  8. air fresheners
  9. spices
  10. swarfega

Hey Peter, I think I left u a msg in each blog u game me, I just want to say that I loved to hear from u, and I still think that we sd keep contact. Am I still being observed? hahaha, thats wat u said to me when I told u that Id love to work for u in Cardiff..hahaha..but yeah, if uve got msn, add me:
God bless u my friend

hi Pete thanks for the message. it's good to hear from you.
What's swarfega?????
Swarfega is 'orrible slimy stuff that mechanics use to clean oil off their hands!!!
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