Friday, December 08, 2006

Tools Of The Trade

My Palette and my Overall

Other Tools Of My Trade:

Paper (all sorts – try not to throw any away)
Craft knives (lots)
Tippex (loads)
Marvin Medium (gallons ... use it for everything)
Acrylic paint (love the smell)
Magazines (for cutting up ... and they smell good too!)
Really nice pencils and pens (can never have too many)
Sponges, rollers, brushes, string, fingers (for putting paint on)
Kitchen roll and cling film (for taking paint off)
Gold leaf (messy)
Anything sparkly (for surface texture ... and sparkle)
Gloss varnish (shiny ... seems to bring everything to life)
Sticks and stones (for breaking my bones)
PC, scanner and printer (for all sorts of things … obviously)
Masking tape (for … well … masking things)
Water (for mixing, thinning, and cleaning up)
Books (for ideas and inspiration)
Sketchbooks and notebooks (for journaling, processing and recording)
Cappuccinos at AJ’s (for thinking, planning and writing)
Bed (for dreaming)

you forgot choons to create to!
an essential, surely...

this list makes me want to do stuff! why is it that the messier things are always more fun?!

I'm gonna make one of these lists! Mine will be very very long...
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