Monday, January 15, 2007

The Artist quiz was one thing ... but what about THIS???!!! LOL

You Are 73% Feminine, 27% Masculine

You are in touch with your feminine side.
Sensitive, intuitive, and caring are all words that describe you.
And you're just masculine enough to relate to both men and women.
Are You Masculine or Feminine?

I'm Frida Kahlo. It's the only possible explanation.

***You Are 80% Feminine, 20% Masculine***
I thought I was more masculine that that. So we share a love of all things pink and fluffy?
I think it was the shopping question that did for me.
***You Are 66% Feminine, 34% Masculine***
i FINALLY posted on my blog lol, took me a while but i got there eventually... check it out when you've got a couple of minutes...

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