Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used To Be #2

So this is the Prefab I grew up in. Not the actual one, obviously, but it could be. It’s a lot smaller than I remembered it … but cosy. We had a coal-shed and a garden. I lived there until was 11 or 12. And there on the bed is the Rupert Bear Annual I was telling you about.
I must learn to tidy up after me.

It triggered so many memories …

I remember sitting on the sofa reading a book (Commando … a comic book). My brother wanted me to go to the park with him but I couldn’t. I really wanted to but I had to keep reading my book … it was so exciting I couldn’t put it down. What a brilliant feeling that was ... and still is!

I remember one time I did go to the park and I got near to the top of the steps on the slide and froze with fear. Couldn’t go up or down. What a wuss. Had to be rescued by my dad. Tut. I was 17 at the time. (Not really). Still don't like heights, though. Or falling over.

I remember learning to play the piano. My teacher’s name was Hiroth Davies and she lived up ‘The Pitching’ in Llantrisant. I seem to remember I was pretty good … passed exams and stuff. She had a long pencil she used to point at the score with … and then rap you over the knuckles with it if you messed up. Harsh, but fair! Or maybe just harsh.

I remember learning to ride a bike. It was red. You could go anywhere when you had a bike … even right to the end of the road and back.

I remember my friends Paula and Vanessa. Paula’s dad was a carpenter and he had fingers missing, so he can’t have been any good. And my mother used to take me with her to Mrs Rex’s house and I would have a milky coffee. I still have one most mornings.

I remember going to Sunday School in Ebenezer Chapel at the top of the housing estate where we lived. It was here, when I was 13, that faith found me. And has never left me.

I remember Tonysguboriau Primary School. And Mrs Lloyd. I learned to draw there. And to make up stories (lies, in other words). I also remember crying as I walked home on the day I had to leave to go to Secondary school.

All that came back to me after one short visit to Saint Fagans.

Visual memory … seems that’s how it works for me.

Post Script: Following my post about teddy bears, my daughter bought me the 1984 SuperTed Annual! How cool is she? And how lucky am I? VERY, is the answer to both.

This blog is brilliant - I am so impressed at the quantity and quality of your posts - very amusing and very honest, too. You are a blogging inspiration to us all! And also, I have noticed that becuase you post more, you also get more comments - great motivation! Miss you and look forward to seeing you soon x
Hey babe!!!! Thanks for that!!!! It's fun and I'm kinda working some stuff out as I go. Miss you too but see you SOON! X
In the 'Post Script' bit ... you forgot to mention that you are soooooo cool. Super Ted is fabulous.
And your daughter is clearly a lovely lassie x
LOL ... thanks for that, Caroline!
ah, compliments from strangers! i like this blog! ;p
great post again....and i promise i will sort mine out too...i came home all motivated to do it then found out the pc at richard and sharon's has died! oh no!
but i'll find a way...
great seeing u over new year!
love ya pops xx
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