Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A palimpsest is a manuscript page, scroll, or book that has been written on, scraped off, and used again.

Architects imply palimpsest as a ghost - an image of what once was. In the built environment, this occurs more than we think. Whenever spaces are shuffled, rebuilt, or remodeled, shadows remain. Removed stairs leave a mark where the paint stopped. Dust lines remain from a relocated appliance. Ancient ruins speak volumes of their former wholeness. Palimpsests can serve a noble duty in informing us, almost archaeologically, of the realities of the built past.

"Erasure is never a matter of making things disappear: there is always some detritus strewn about in the aftermath, some bruising to the surface from which word or image has been removed, some reminder of the violence done to make the world look new again. Whether rubbed away, crossed out or reinscribed, the rejected entity has a habit of returning, ghostlike: if only in the marks that usurp its place and attest to its passing." (Taken from an article in Tate Magazine)

It's my 50th year. And my first full year of living on my own. Wish me luck.

If thats a recent picture of you in the background I like your hair short - or is it just an illusion?

You are still you

I'll wish you happiness, health, fortune and 47 other things of your choosing.
Have fun and enjoy. Try not to live in the ghost of your past.
Cx - who is now thinking of The Christmas Carol and the whole ghost visitation)
Maddy ... it's an old photo! My hair is unfashionably long for a middle aged geezer! As for me being me ... it seems we find our identity in the people around us and the things that we do. Don't you think?

Caroline ... thanks for the good wishes! I notice you came up with 3 and left me with 47! And ... I ain't afraid of no ghosts! (name that film ...)!
Good luck for this big year. I'm not worried about you.
Thank you Jo. It could be a good 'un, eh? Let's make it so!!!
I think its true to some extent that your identity is about the roles you play in life but take all that away and there is still something left that is distinctively you in terms of personality and how you behave based on your past learning and experiences, so who you have been?
I can just imagine you in that cafe you mentioned and how you would behave with the woman you mentioned who works there.
Do you like your hair long or is that to do with lack of funds?
Good point Maddy. And I pay a lot of money to have my hair looking like this ... I'll have you know!!! Hence the lack of funds!
Ghost Busters.
And yes - I left you 47. Didn't want to use up all the words that I know in one comment.
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