Saturday, January 06, 2007

That Darn Cooker!

I got told off again last night. I thought everyone would have been pleased. I was like a dog with two tails. But no. Apparently I'm the cause of much despair. And mirth.

My cooker's working again. The hob, the oven, the grill ... everything (oh, that is pretty much everything). I shared the good news with my friends in chat. They collectively lost the will to go on.

It was the fuse.

Sssshhhh!!!!!! Don't all start at once! I KNOW I was told to check the fuse when the cooker first blew up. And I did. In my own 'special' way.

I took it out and looked at it.

It looked fine to me. So I left it. Well surely it would have been charred, or melted or exploded or something if it wasn't fine? Wouldn't it?

I was on the brink of getting an (expensive) electrician in to take the cooker apart to fix it and relieve me of what little cash I have left. But yesterday, on a whim, I popped into the market and bought a new fuse. Divine inspiration? Could have been. More likely an outbreak of common sense. I came home and put the new fuse in ... even remembered to switch the cooker on at the mains ... and it worked.

Two months without a hot meal (microwave meals don't count).

Two pounds and two minutes to fix.

Being a visual kind of person really didn't help in this instance.

Paella, anyone?

Laugh out loud.
Did you not have a woman to ask for help?????
It was two women on-line who were trying to help me. They told me exactly what to do ... step by step. But did I listen? The blokes were useless ... to busy p***ing themselves laughing.
There's a lesson to be learned ... women are *always* right! But you knew that already ;-0
Sometimes I think the simplest answers are the least believable thats why we don't act. Hope you enjoy doing some cooking now - make the effort for yourself!
That new food TV program is promoting eating loads of raw fruit, veg and nuts though. Presume you have a TV?
What happened about your vegitarian XMAS dinner - was it OK?
Hi Maddy! I've got Sharon Burt advising me on my diet and nutrition! ha ha ... she's an optimist! The veggy Christmas dinner was ok ... but my dad suggested they check out my blog! How could he do that to me????!!!!
i'm sure its written somewhere that "it is not good for man to be alone"... I never really understood why until I read this post!!! =p

Who said you have to understand eletrics to be a 'sort of' visual artist? Would I p*** myself laughing at your expense? Happy new year!....I enjoy the blog. Yes its the only one I've ever read!....Thanks for the card.
Hey duncan! Good to hear from you! Hope you are both well.
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