Tuesday, March 27, 2007

BOOOOO Selecta

My picture wasn't chosen for the competition.

I'm a bit disappointed but not too bad. It was good process for me and I learned a lot so overall I'm happy. As Jo suggested, I'll enter lots more competitions for the experience.

Boo! I'm glad you plan to forge ahead and aren't 'shattered' by the experience. I've known other hopeful artists to fold up shop after their first rejection. If I'd done that I'd have packed it in AGES ago.

Please post a photo of it framed ... please.
Oh no! That sucks. They clearly have no taste.

I think you're great though! (See - I have good taste)
Andrea ... at the moment it's about the process for me and learning and how to live and function as an "artist". The compeition might have been great but might also have thrown me off track. I take it as it comes (ha! brave words!).

Caroline ... I will take a photo when I can take decent photos. I've been getting some very helpful advice on this - particularly from Andrea (above). It's one of the next things I have to get sorted.

Jo ... as ever, you're luvverly. And yes, you do have GREAT taste ... but that's nothing to do with me!
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