Thursday, March 08, 2007


This is a terrible photo. I haven't figured out how to get good photos of my pictures etc. I need to because I want to catalogue them and put them all on-line. On other blogs I visit they have excellent reproductions. I guess a good digital camera would be a good place to start. Oh dear ... I can't be doing with all this.


This is the picture that I finished on Tuesday and took to be framed yesterday. It's called "Garwnant" and is 16 ins by 16 ins, produced in mixed media with found elements, on MDF board. It will be framed in a 3 ins deep solid oak box frame.

The framing will be finished by lunch-time next Wednesday with the picture due to be handed in by 4.00pm that day, here in Cardiff. It's for the Wales Artist of the Year 2007 competition. I'll know by March 30th if it has been selected. Or maybe 27th. I've had a hard time understanding the instructions. Still not sure what to do about packaging and delivery etc. I have to read these things lots of times and then I still don't understand exactly what it is I have to do. I hate forms ... and instructions.


I think this is the best picture I've done so far. I've also had to dig quite deep to get it done. I don't like deadlines either. At times, I haven't known what to do next. Even on Tuesday, when it was due to be finished, I spent all morning worrying and depressed because I didn't know how to do the last bit ... or even what to do. But I gathered all my sketches and photos and took myself off to AJs and just got my head down and worked through it. That's quite a discipline for me. I like discipline and hard work ... when I know what it is I'm supposed to be doing.


The point I'm making is this ... competition or no competition ... I've learned loads and grown up a bit as an artist. I've been around lots of galleries in South and Mid Wales and it doesn't seem that anyone else is doing what I'm doing. I'm happy to stick to my guns and keep working in the way that I am. I think my confidence is growing.

So I've already won a valuable prize.

P.S. Trust me ... it REALLY IS a crap photo. The picture REALLY IS quite good ...

I am so excited for you. It looks fab. Textured. I want to touch it. Oh you know what I mean!!!!!!!

My bits are now crossed for you. But as you say, it's about gaining from the process. You sound more conifdent and focused.

Now. Please let someone else read the instructions. It must be Jo. Claire has gone hasn't she? - I read her blog and cried and I haven't been back since. I will though.

Caroline ... as ever, thanks for the kind feedback. I'll take your advice about the instructions.

The picture is highly textured ... and tactile. It has stuck to it - sticks, leaves, moss, netting, a coca cola label and a lego brick.

What I'm finding weird is that I finished the painting on Tuesday and took it to the framers on Wednesday. Next Wednesday I hand it in. If it gets selected, it gets hung and maybe sold. I may never see it again.

I haven't had chance to live with it yet before I let it go; I haven't shown anyone; and I don't even have a decent photo of it!

Trying not to go there ...

Yes I have 2 fabulous daughters and a terrific son.

Why did u cry at Claire's blog?
This picture is quite crap. But the actual thing looks great. Maybe we can go and take a really good picture of it when it's hanging...
I cried at Claire's blog because she was going away ... it's the motherly side of me emerging ..

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