Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's Wet Indoors

These Emergency Plumbing Services are marvellous, aren’t they?

I’d tried the tape and it hadn’t worked well enough. I’d even gone out to buy white tape because I just couldn’t get inspired to use black tape and white paint. Nevertheless, water was still seeping out of the toilet. Down to one ice cream container-full a day but still not great.

So I borrowed a spanner off my Dad and I bought some sealant. Knowing me, I thought, it will just be one little screw of the nut and it will be sorted. And my how we’ll laugh.

I remembered something I’d learned off CSI that had stuck with me.

Righty tighty … lefty loosey.

Concentrating hard, I tightened the spanner around the nut and turned. The wrong way.

Water was pouring out now. I flapped my hands around and said “oh shit” repeatedly. Still pouring out though. I got back in there with the spanner and turned it back the other way. It stopped pouring and went back to a steady drip. I felt victorious.

I noticed another nut above that one so I gave that one a tighten too. Just to be on the safe side. All in all, it was definitely better than it was. A big dollop of sealant and it should be sorted.

By this time I needed a wee. When I tried to flush, the handle was a bit tight. I did what I always do in this situation … I forced it. I thought I heard something snap but didn’t think too much of it.

Five minutes later the flush was still flushing and the cistern was still filling. As fast as the cistern filled, it poured out into the bowl. It just wouldn’t stop. It was like perpetual motion. There was also a plastic thingy bobbing about in the cistern.

I needed to switch off the water … the noise was driving me mad.

Eventually, I found the stopcock outside in a cupboard in the communal hallway. A row of stopcocks in fact. Fortunately they were numbered. Mine was the one with the water meter on it spinning around like a whirling dervish and laughing like a maniac.

Righty tighty … lefty loosey.

I tried to turn the stopcock but it wouldn’t budge. My track record so far on forcing things is not good (that’s how my wardrobe door broke)(and my computer keyboard ... the 3rd of the 4 I've had in the last couple of months). Imagine if I force the mains water knob the wrong way??? What then??? But I didn’t. The water meter slowed and stopped. The water in the toilet stopped flowing.

I made a cup of tea (with water I had left in the kettle) and phoned the Emergency Plumbing Service.

When the plumber he came I explained what a terrible co-incidence it was that just after I tightened a nut, something broke. He was lovely. Without a trace of sarcasm he explained how that when you tighten that nut you have to also hold this other part … otherwise it snaps. I didn’t understand a word of it and I paid no attention because there’s now way I’m ever going to fiddle with the toilet again. I’ll move if I have to.

He was such a nice man though … I asked him to help me fix the wardrobe door.

Haha, I really wish I had been there when the water started GUSHING out!! How I would have laughed! But not in a mean way - those sorts of things happen to me all the time, too.
Just to prove it: I didn't tell you about this yet but last Sunday when we went for a bike ride I fell off. And I mean, I really fell off. In the pouring rain. The chain came off, the mud guard broke, the light broke and the front wheel got all twisted and messed up the brakes. JT had to fix it all for me. In the pouring rain. And I cut my knee and ripped my tights and twisted my ankle. We carried on riding to the train station, but the trains weren't running. So I had to ride home. A 40-minute bike ride took 2 hours. Hmmm...

Heading out again this weeekend!!
OH my poor baby!!!! That's the sympathy out of the way ... now it's LMAO. And you HAVE to get the proper gear ... tights when out riding? You weren't wearing high heels as well were you???? Just don't tell your mother ... she's worried enough as it is!
I feel the same way about taxes...
Hey Andrea! Just the person I wanted to talk to!!! I'm having a terrible time knowing how to reproduce my pictures for my blog. The quality of your images is AMAZING!!! How do you do it? I'll probably ask this same question on your blog ... so dont worry too much! lol
No idea at all what LMAO means...
LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off
It was only a matter of time!

Glad Jo asked what LMAO means and also why is Jo riding in heels and tights!!!!! Gosh I am worried for her. Will you sort her out with some kneew pads please? Argos do some nice pink princess ones ;-)

Glad you had a nice man to give you a hand ... I'm saying nothing ... nothing at all ...

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