Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Private Views

I went to a Private View last week. I was going to lots of them but then I stopped. Going to this one reminded me why I did. They’re pants.

This one was an exhibition of “vintage jewellery with a contemporary twist”, by a local artist. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Might well have been too. Except I couldn’t get anywhere near it to see. You see, these things are full of people standing around drinking wine and chatting. You can’t actually get near the art. And they’re not looking at it either. Do they even know it’s there? It’s just a social event. Often, even the artist him/herself doesn’t turn up.

I want to see the art! I want to talk to the artist! I want to talk to other people about the art! I want music in the background! I want some nibbles … I’ll even pay for them if I have to! I want people from the gallery to act as hosts and welcome me, show me around! I want them to try to sell me stuff! (Really, I do … isn’t that what they’re there for?) I want there to be a vibe in the place! I want this to be one of the most happening things in town! I want it to be more like a fashion show or a gig!

But it’s sterile.

I want to touch the art! At one exhibition, I wanted to lick the pictures (OK … I know that one might not go down to well … but they were so yummy and I wanted to respond accordingly.)

I cry and laugh and sigh when I read books … I dance when I listen to music.

Please let me respond to the art … out loud and physically, if necessary. Art isn’t cerebral ... it’s sensual. Let’s have a party when an artist has a new set of work to show. Let’s celebrate. Let's get a little craaaaazzzzzyyyyy!!!!!

WANTED. Innovative gallerists who will kick some ass. Change the rules. Create an event that celebrates art. Show one picture or a dozen. Be a raving fan of the artists they represent.

OK … I’ve finished ranting now.

I’ve just got an invite to another Private View in a couple of weeks. Just time for a frontal lobe lobotomy before I go.

I agree, Pete. Of course, whilst everyone is chatting to each other, as they do now, you can still sneak up to some art and have a good lick. I guess that would be more difficult if everyone else was watching....
Oh, we so badly need a gallery... our shows would be amazing
Hoylus ... I so wish I'd bought one of those pctures, then I could lick it in the privacy of my own home.Yum!

Jo ... Your are sooo right. It would be the coolest place on the planet!!! 24 / 7 art, sculpture, craft, poetry, writing, fashion, music ... food, wine and chat! Is that heaven or what? Work tables, sofas, rugs, bowls of sweets and chocolates ... somebody STOP me!!!

So why don't you do it?

Why not?

And if you do can I do a booklaunch from there in the future? ;-)

You've only got one shot at this life thingy you know ...
Caroline ... Book launch ... would be sooo cool. Are you still trying to contact Borders? Can I email you with some marketing ideas and strategies that will be easy for you to do but might be effective? thinking of the local scene ... hoping ur publisher's got the national scene covered.
Peter - nothing is being sorted at the moment. It's all going very wrong.

Even the 'seer of the future man' told me that I would have to push the novel myself ... *sigh*
I'm trying to be grown up ... but I want to go and hide in a corner.

Yes email me. Please.
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