Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just a Note

The other day I had to send someone some documents and lists. They were on my PC. The most obvious and simplest thing to do was to email them. But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

So I copied them onto a disk. I wrote a label and stuck it on the disk. I wrote out a little note on a compliment slip. I addressed an envelope and put the disk and the note in it. Sealed it and stuck a stamp on it. Mooched down to the post box and posted it. Skipped back home. (OK … I made that last bit up). There was something very satisfying about the whole thing.

I read somewhere recently that in these days of email and mobile communications (not to mention the dream of a paperless office) that sales of stationery are soaring. And it seems to be true. There is so much choice of stationery now and so many people say how much they love it.

I have some friends who send me an email when they want to communicate dates, facts directions etc to me. But when they want to tell me they are thinking about me and care about me, they send me a really lovely postcard. I keep them all, and treasure them. I delete emails (eventually).

I love stationery -so much! And there is a feeling that can't be beaten when something exciting arrives for you in the post, isn't there?
I was having a clear out the other day (common theme) and found a load of letters people had written to me years ago, during my teens. Girlfriends, family, mates, girls who i wished were my girlfriends, pen pals...It bought so many memories back. Letter writing is an art I used to love, I'm tempted to do it again but not sure who to write to or even if I have anyones address now??

Maybe I will, cheers Peter.
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