Friday, April 06, 2007

Like A Lamb

For the last 2 weeks I’ve been trying to produce a picture for Easter. Nothing’s worked out.

I think it’s because the thing that has impressed itself upon me this Easter is not something I can easily visualise in a picture. So I’ll write it instead.

Jesus, the Christ, knew the power of words. He preached with them, he taught with them. He encouraged with them and he scolded with them. He blessed and he cursed using only his words. With his words he healed sick people. His words had power. They had the power to change lives and change situations.

I hate bullying, abuse, violence and torture. It appals me, angers me and frightens me … all at the same time. How must it feel when horror and pain are being unleashed upon you and you are totally helpless to make it stop?

Lots of films deal with “the myth of redemptive violence”. Our hero is down and virtually out. Almost defeated at the hands of his enemy. Then suddenly, his head comes up, there is a steely glint in his eye, and he fights back … stronger, quicker, and more powerful than ever. The enemy is defeated. Good has triumphed … but only by being even stronger and more violent than evil.

On Good Friday, Jesus was captured, tried and found guilty by a kangaroo court. He was tied up, verbally abused, was whipped to within an inch of his life and had the shit kicked out of him.

Everyone was waiting for his head to come up and for him to fight back. All it needed was a word to unleash heaven and hell upon his captors. With a word he could kill them all or make them suffer.

But “he opened not his mouth”. Such strength, such power, such self-control … to say nothing.

And so, like a lamb, he was slaughtered.

Your words have hit into me today.
Thank's Pete. Good to read and be reminded.Love from us both.
Just found your blog through Andrea Pratt's blog. Great stuff! I will be back.
Oh, and your words today are particularly appropriate as I think on Good Friday services from last night and prepare for the Great Vigil tonight. Thank you.
Thank you all ... and Hi Angela ... nice of you to drop in!
Great comments. An example to us all. God Bless
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