Monday, May 21, 2007

Art Fair

On Sunday I met up with friends in Bristol and we went to The Affordable Art Fair. There were lots of galleries represented and lots of fab paintings and sculptures ... plenty to get inspired by! It had a much better buzz than any Private View I've been to ... people were much more friendly and chatty ... more how it should be, to my mind. I was even allowed to handle and touch some things! (though I still wasn't allowed to lick anything).

Next week, I think I'll go to North Wales to do some work. I've been planning it for ages and I'm fairly on top of my consultancy work so I feel free to go. I've done a lot of preparation and I know what I'm going there for and what I want to get out of it. Just need to find somewhere to stay!

The theme is going to be "Siaradwch i'r wlad" (Speak to the land). I want to draw the contours of the hills and mountains and then make some pictures. It ties in with the work I've been doing about "water" and will be developing a quote I heard that "the water follows the contours of the land". So I'll be trying to map the contours.

At the moment I don't have a scanner so I won't be able to post any drawings or sketches. Need to get my PC situation sorted out.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


I've just bought a great book. I don't know what the story will be like, but it LOOKS great! It's got photos, pages with annotations in red and a nice look and feel to it. Made me think of Caroline Smaile's forthcoming book and the creative use of layout and typography. It's called "Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close" by Jonathan Safran Foer. It's about a boy searching for the truth about his father who died in the Twin Towers, after he finds a key.

And, hello, by the way. I lost my footing and fell off . Fortunately, a number of people have ropes attached to me so I haven't fallen too far. Just got to scrabble my way back.

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