Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How Old??????

I realised today that I'm of an age where I am eligible for an Abbey National 50+ Saver Account ... AND ... I can go to the same lunch club as my father.

No wonder I'm depressed.

hahahaha! wow, that IS old!!! =p

following on from your last post... thereĀ“s a woman in my church here who is completely bald, always has been, not a hair on her head.
Profession? Hairdresser.

I can't believe that thing about Grandad's lunch club. Surely that can't be true.

Hold on...are the lunches free? Cos then that would be quite great!
Take no notice of those girl's 50's not old.They only let you into the lunch club at that age to piggy back the ones who can't walk. We loved the card with your flat as the picture! Thanks, Love from us both.
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