Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just some bits of news ...

I'm still doing research on distribution outlets for art and other bits and pieces. I've been finding out about market stalls in the Cardiff shopping centres and enquiring about a couple of small shops. I also took a stall at a Craft Fair on Sunday. It wasn't much use in terms of sales (very quiet) but I learned some things about how to run and present the kind of stall I want. I need to get much more creative and visual with it ... and I need a better range of 'products'. So at least I'm learning. I have a few more dates booked in so I'll see how they go.

Other news ... my puter's f***ed (I'm doing this at my dad's!) so I need to get a new CPU and operating system. End of the month for that, I think.

Pictures of Spain to come soon! Fab time was had by ... well, both.

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