Saturday, August 25, 2007

Book, Blog and Business Card

I've been getting the basic 'infrastructure' in place to support me in this new 'career' I've embarked upon.


I've put most of my work over the last year into an A4 size, spiral-bound portfolio (my look-book).

I've revamped my blog layout so it's now easier to see my work and to find out more about me.

See? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

And I've dug out my business cards that I had printed some time ago so I can start giving them out to everyone I meet! (you can get free business cards at

I'm 56 days into a 100 day plan. Except there is no plan. It's more a learning as I go kind of thing, but knowing where I want to get to and when. If there was a schedule I'd be behind it, and I'll probably be late arriving at my destination (which is, a business that works for me) but at least I've got momentum and I'm having fun.

Next thing is to get a tidy PC so I can work better ... this one is so incredibly slow that it's put me off blogging, surfing, chatting. I want to get back on track ... I miss my on-line friends!

Have a browse around this blog and if you spot anything that's crap or doesn't work, or you've got suggestions for improvements, then please let me know.

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