Sunday, September 16, 2007


I woke up this morning, opened the blinds, and this is what I saw on the pavement opposite. Eh?

It turned out to be a jumper and jeans stuffed with other clothes ... an effigy. But why?

Someone obviously went to a lot of trouble.

I spent a happy few hours watching people going back and fore to church, stepping over it and around it, and trying to pretend it wasn't really there.


That is GREAT! So funny! Are you sure you didn't do it...

Imagine if things like that just keep happening, it would be great fun!

On a totally separate note I have ordered the internet at home...AND stayed up until the wee hours to watch Heroes catch-up weekend so now I know everything and when my internet arrives we can messenger about all our Heroes theories - very exciting!!

I didn't do it, but I wish I had. When I was in school we had a student art teacher who told us that one night he painted a bright red square in the middle of the kitchen floor just so he could see his wife's reaction when she got up in the morning.

And YAY for the internet ... I haven't done Messenger for AGES.
I'm so glad to see you're still out there. For some reason I thought you'd quit blogging. Now, go put your clothes back on! :)
Loved the photo!!

And Jo watched Heroes ... I've seen all that have been shown in America .... love love love them! I also love Dexter ...
anyway - hi! *waves*
hahahhaha! why have we never thought of it?!!!
Caroline ... feel free to chat to Jo on MY blog, why don't you!!! LMAO

Hey Claire ... we'd have got round to it, eh?
Oh ... and Andrea!!!! Hi hun!!! Anything goes in the cause of art ... but it was getting a bit chilly!!!
OK then ...
hi Jo how are you? I do so hope that all is well with you.


Hi Caroline! Fine thanks :) You?
Jo - I'm good honey. Nice to see you here. We should do this more often.


Hi Peter ...
You CHEEKY women!!!! LMAO
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