Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Book review ... sort of

In Search Of Adam by Caroline Smailes.

Time I gave this a go ...

I haven't been able to put this into some neat words and phrases, with the odd joke thrown in. So this will be some random sketches.

This book has been like a stone in my shoe.

I knew it was coming, from Caroline's blog. I knew it would be very cool ... and very intense. Not the sort of book I like to read ("human kind cannot bear too much reality") but I was attracted by the way she uses typography to express herself and by the way she had put herself on the line for this book.

It's a helluva story. I could only read it in small chunks. I threw it across the room once ... and that was during the scene where Jude first met her teacher in school. I can deal with nasty, but nice breaks my heart.

On the typography ... I think it was sparingly used and all the more effective for it. I was a bit afraid it might be a bit too full-on ... which works well in a blog but not so much in a book. The book got it right.

The subject matter seems extreme (and the story is unrelenting) but in my experience it is all too common in one form or another. I try to avoid it ... I think we all do. Caroline exposes it. I guess that's the job of the artist.

Great line from the book (one of many) ... "his silence pisses on me".

I'm actually not saying all that I think and feel about this book ... and the responses to it I would really like to see ... because that would be giving too much of me away ... and all sorts of people read this. I know Caroline finds this to be a dilemma on her blog, too. Total honesty is a nice idea ... but after you!

There are lots of nice books out there ... but this isn't one of them.

But worth a read? Definitely. Just brace yourself for incoming if you do.

I always knew that you'd 'get it.'

I'm interested by your views of the typography use - visual expression and the use of white paper. I think it's the nearest thing to art that I will ever reach. I have artist envy! Expressing a voice through fonts ... well you know the reaction that my fancy fonts have caused on my blog! But ISoA was always different and you trusted that it was.

Thank you - on lots of levels.
Caroline, you're so very welcome! Still can't get the damn book out of my head, though! LOL
An that's the biggest compliment that you could ever give :)
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