Sunday, October 07, 2007

Come in 99 your time is up … or are you having trouble 66?

I mentioned some time ago that I was doing this 100 day ‘thing’. Well, it’s up tomorrow. Realistically, it was up last week, but I waited this past week to make sure.


It’s been a time of literally and metaphorically ‘setting out my stall’ … of getting things in shape and in place for the next stage of my life … of settling things in terms of who I am and what I do.

Practically speaking this means I have:

Set up the structure of a business : self-employed status, bank account, business cards etc.
Revamped my blog to show more of my ‘products’
Made up a ‘look-book’ of what I’ve done in the last year
Booked myself in to Craft Fairs every week between now and Christmas
Produced new craft products to sell
Produced a new portfolio of drawings
Made up numerous sketch books and journals.
Completed a few consultancy-type projects.
And possibly more that I can’t recall off hand.

The point is, I’ve moved myself too far in this direction of being a ‘working artist’ that I can’t go back. I now have to make it work well and make it pay.


More importantly.

I’ve re-orientated my SELF. So much changed in the last 2 years that it left me disorientated and confused … I didn’t know what to do with myself … I didn’t even know if there was a plot, let alone where it might be!

Now I’m working on the next 3 months.

I’ve got goals, but it’s not about them. I’ve got new working practices, but it’s not about them.

Things are a lot less certain now (it seems they always were). I have a 150 year plan, yet I don’t know if I’ll make it through to Christmas!

This about to lapse into bollocks if I try to explain myself, so I’ll leave it there. Let me finish by quoting The Proclaimers:

“My heart was broken, my heart was broken.
Sorrow Sorrow Sorrow Sorrow
My heart was broken, my heart was broken.
You saw it, you claimed it,
You touched it, You saved it.
My tears are drying, my tears are drying.
Your beauty and kindness
Made tears clear my blindness.
While I’m worth my room on this earth
I will be with you.
While the Chief puts sunshine on Leith
I’ll thank him for his work
And your birth
And my birth.”

Wow. You could teach me a thing or two and I've been at it for about 5 years!
Thanks Andrea!!! But I don't think I can teach no-one nothing!!! LOL
Well Done Pete. Exciting to see some of your stuff there.

We should meet up soon.

Yay Phil! It would be good to catch up. How are you and Jenny doing? OK, I trust.
I LOVE that you have a 150 year plan. Greatest thing I ever heard.

And the story about the wasp made me (and 3 other girls in my class) crack up. Too-oo-oo funny.

Also, I miss ya and might turn up in Cardiff soon... x

love your craft stall and i am bewildered by how productive you've been in the last 100 days!

well done you!

Hi Jo and Claire ... There's always a place to stay, a warm welcome and chocolate here in Cardiff. Love ya both!

Jo, everyone should have a 150 year plan! And wasps are evil ... evil, I tell you!!!

Claire, I think I might be a bit bewildered too. It seems like I don't do anything very much and then I look back and there's all this stuff in my wake! BTW, when you visit you can have my flat if you want it at any time.
We're doing well, Pete. Lots of change and news to share. probably too much for a comment on a blog!
Well done from me too - looks good - hope you sell lots.
Do you ever sleep?
Me and Alan good - Faye now living in Sussex uni, Brighton and has met Andy Au - she's doing well.
Love Maddy
Thanks Maddy! I didn't know Faye was in Sussex uni ... where did the time go???? Glad you and Alan are OK. Thanks for keeping in touch.
Hi Pete,
Talking about uni, I am doing literature and creative writing - even have had a poem accepted for publishing- studying with the Open University - trying to complete that degree at last. Doing some photography as part of my studies. Love your website.
Was at Uni in Aber same time as you, in case you don't realise who I am!
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