Sunday, October 14, 2007

I should have stayed home

I heard a man talking loudly on his mobile phone. “It was hard. Really hard. I was hoping to do it in less than 2 hours but it took me 2 hours and one minute”

I shouldn’t have, but I smirked.

As I walked into Cardiff I knew something was up. People were wearing medals. And Baco Foil. One was dressed as a bee, many were in fat suits (OK … they weren’t suits … I was trying to be kind). It must be difficult to parade around Cardiff wearing a medal and trying to look nonchalant at the same time. Unless nonchalant is another word for smug.

It was a half-marathon. I’m guessing that’s a running thing and not as far as a marathon. Still sounds like a bloody long way though.

I have this theory that exercise is bad for you and health is vastly over-rated. And sport … let’s not even go there.

I felt totally out of place among all these people in shorts, numbers and a medal.
I even bought a bottle of Lucozade to try to fit in.

Trouble is. They were doing it for charity. Barnardo’s, Macmillans, etc. They weren’t sporting freaks at all … they were just out having a good time and raising cash. So any jokes I make seem cheap and hollow (not that I’ll let it stop me).

Especially when I remember that I can hardly walk to the bathroom without getting out of puff.

I love it when you walk past someone and catch a bit of conversation and it make you chuckle. That happens a lot to me.

My advice: donate money to charity. Then you don't have to run anywhere.
Good advice! You have learned well, young grasshopper.
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