Sunday, October 14, 2007

A more sensible post

“I incorporate found paper and other objects in my paintings in order to bring the mundane into the sacred, the discarded into art. Using evocative textures and rich colors to create visual, tactile, and conceptual layers, I summon spiritual landscapes and inner spaces. My process consists primarily of letting my responses to both inner and outer stimuli emerge on the picture plane, a process of continual change and evolution as the original idea interacts with the reality of the emerging piece. My collage paintings invite viewers to linger in a state of meditation, discovering new layers and letting the image speak uniquely to them, my spirit to theirs.”

Angela Rockett Inner landscapes

I LOVE this Artist Statement. I just came across it ('cos I read Angela's blog), and it resonated with me because of what I’ve been thinking and doing this (these?) last few days.

I’m making jewellery. I know … I’m also working on a load of other things and I should be more focussed blah blah … but this has been in my mind for some time and I’m having fun doing it. So, nah.


I’m making jewellery out of paper that I’ve used as a palette or background, or for masking or whatever. The discarded bits and pieces. Splashes of colour; random marks, layers and textures of paint.

When I did my studio show entitled “Images of Earth and Spirit” I made a leaflet to give to people with a square cut out of the middle.


I made a leaflet with a square cut out of the middle to give to people.

(first one’s funnier)


The pictures I was showing were based on the idea of placing a template over a piece of nature so that it became almost abstract. Then trying to look closely INTO the energy, the power, the spirit within that little piece of nature. Then pulling back to set it into the bigger context.

Like our lives.

They may seem an abstract mess of colour, shape and texture when we look at them closely, but actually they have meaning and context if we could only see it (if only we could see it?).

(One girl went all round the place putting her template against things and looking at them. That was cool.)


I looked at my palettes, my pieces of discarded paper, my unsuccessful pieces, and I put a series of templates over them. Suddenly, there were beautiful fragments and sections, and whole new pieces which looked FAB! They could be made into pendants, brooches and badges.

Turning the discarded into art.

Like our lives.

Everything is redeemable.

And everyone.

(OK ... why am I so paranoid about my grammar?)

I think this is a brilliant idea. Will you keep us posted? (And nyah nyah ~ I actually OWN a piece of Angela's art!)
These are just wonderful, Peter! It actually took me a moment to notice that you had posted my statement because I was so entranced by all the pretty little squares of color and texture! :) I really love the idea of the card with the square cut out to let people see the world differently.
Andrea : Show off!!! I'll let you know whether they sell on my crafts stall.

Angela: Should I have asked first?
I just got a bit excited and carried away!
These are really really beautiful. Really.
No, no! I love that you posted it! I'm so glad you like it. Lately I've been wondering if I should change it (no real reason, just sort of wondering), and now I'm thinking that maybe I shouldn't. :)
Jo ... really?
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