Thursday, October 25, 2007

suits you sir

I LOVE this quote / comment I came across:

One artist I know told me that if he had $100 to spend on promotion, he would buy a good suit.

I've heard it said that too be successful, one must dress the part. So this isn't such a bad idea.
I'd buy 3/4 of an hour with a good therapist. :)
Hi Angela ... the point is that we are our own best form of promotion. However, I'm keen to dress in a way that pleases me, and makes me feel confident, not in a way that other people think represents success.

Hi Andrea ... THERAPY! I love it! Was in it for about 5 years and it was so helpful. Just so damn expensive ...
Don't get me wrong, I do agree with you, Peter. Successful dressing could mean just what you said - feeling free to dress as you see fit, not bowing down to others' ideas of successful appearance. (Believe me, you'll never see me in high heels.) I think this is especially true for artists.

I was just thinking about how I sometimes try to hide behind a "normal" appearance, trying to fit in instead of stand out. Whereas if I let myself "dress for success" as an artist, I'd let myself stand out more, let more of my uniqueness and creativity shine through in my appearance.
And that's a bit scary, isn't it, Angela! lol ... letting our uniqueness and creativity shine through, I mean.
I would buy matching gold knickers and a bra! That would have the same effect for me.


When I was working with an interior designer in the summer we had a meeting with a new client and she said "we have to dress up - although as creative people that means in our own style - not in suits."

And when I went to hear Zandra Rhodes at the V&A...well, you can imagine. She looked AMAZING but completely wacky. Pink hair, White sunglasses and a ruby ring almost as big as her whole hand. And she is VERY successful.
Doesn't have quite the same efeect on me, Caroline LOL

Might try the Zandra Rhodes look though, Jo LOL (again).
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