Saturday, October 20, 2007

Water, Water, Everywhere

I have this recurring dream. Been having it for years. I'm usually pretty good at interpreting dreams, but this one's got me stuck.

It's always about water. Whether the sea (usually) or a river, it's always flooding and threatening to engulf me. I often find myself (in a dream) beside a vast expanse of water, with no way through ... or a treacherous one if there is.

Stuck, threatened, about to be overwhelmed (though it never comes to that).


Ideas on a postcard, please, or in a comment, or an email (seriously).

And if any of you "Initiative" people read this, then give me what you get.

It's time I worked this one out.

Just going to grab some lunch and have a think...
So that was a long lunch!
Anyways, I just popped back on to give some thoughts. It's a bit weird on a blog, but it's the 21st century, and it's good to have my ideas 'out in the open', so people can tell me just how wrong I can be! so, this is how we roll...

As far as I can remember, in a lot of mythology and traditon, including hebrew tradition, the sea has always been seen as something to be feared, or at least in awe of. I think it represents Chaos, as it is the great untameable, the un fathomable. I think it's one of the reasons that Jesus calms the storm and walks on the water in the middle of the storm in the gospels, to show he was God (God was the one who was more powerful than this raging chaos).

Anyways, that's what always springs to mind when I hear about rising water dreams, especially when linked with a sense of fear and/or desperation.

I would therefore suggest that it could be that you feel that sometimes you're getting 'out of your depth' or that the 'chaos' threatens to consume?

I guess the encouragement is that there is someone bigger than the waters, and therefore the chaos, someone who walked that road (er, wave) and came through the other side.

Hope that helps?!
That is EXTREMELY helpful, Phil. Thanks for that ... and for taking the time.
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