Saturday, October 06, 2007

What an eventful evening.

I was sat sitting here watching “The Devil Wears Prada” (yes, again), when this massive, scary wasp-like thing (I think it was a wasp) flew in through the (open) window.

He was vicious looking … you know the sort … shaved head, piercings and tattoos on each leg spelling out LOVE and HATE. Hang on … that’s 8 legs, and that’s a spider. So I guess the tattoos spelled out LOV and HAT.

So, yeah. Anyway.

After buzzing me a few times and generally behaving with what can only be described as “an attitude”, I decided it’s time was up. I rolled up my copy of the Sunday Times Culture magazine and started flailing around like a mad thing. But he was too quick for me and I couldn’t get the height.

So I jumped up on the sofa bed and started to get some bounce going. If I bounced and swung my Sunday Times Culture magazine in perfect, co-ordinated harmony I could almost get it. It was positively balletic.

Until I bounced a little too far and lost my footing. That’s when I fell. Except my foot got caught in a throw. So I didn’t so much fall as … well … pivot.

I landed on my shoulder and banged my head. I think I might have cursed a little. But I didn’t cry.

And the little bugger’s still in here somewhere.

i hate wasps. everyone says they´re afraid of us but they´re obviously not. and i´m sorry you banged your head.
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