Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Anyway ...

I came across the 43 things website after doing a search on why people would want to buy art. I haven't looked at the answers properly yet, but it just occured to me ... I should ask you!

So, let me ask you this ...

Would you buy original art? And, if so, why?

Email me or comment me if you have a minute and if you're so inclined. Thank you.

Yes I buy 'cause their ain't nothing like the real thing.I'd buy a lot more if people bought a lot more.Guess we all need to sell to buy?... Got to like though! Couldn't buy for an investment like these rich dudes...Have somtimes swopped.Its a good way to get work you can't afford...Never been part of a survey on art before though I did one on drinking recently ...Duncan
yes, because its cool to have something no-one else has, and because when you have a piece of original art its like you have been given something unique and one-off from the artist that he/she has not and will never produce for anyone else - a bit of a sacrifice for them i guess - you have a piece of their story, their history, their vision.... its not so good to have something, however cool it may be, when you know that who made it made the same thing for other people too. get it??
mass-produced art is just not so special.
I was wondering. How limited does a limited edition have to be not to be a mass production? Are limited editions the begining of the Macdonaldization of art/craft work?...Duncan
Bought a Molly Parkin water colour after a long term partner dumped me - 'cos she really liked Molly Parkin and I could afford to buy one at the time - just to annoy her, and I didn't even like the picture! The plan backfired a bit as I still have the Molly Parkin and I still don't like it! One thing's for sure don't use vengeance as a motive to buy art!
Some interesting feedback ... and a cautionary (albeit weird) tale! Thank you all for that.

Duncan ... the debate about limited edition prints rages across the blogosphere!
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