Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Birch Studio

I've added a new link on my sidebar to Birch Studio ... yet another blog I've started.

Birch Studio is the "commercial" side of what I do (and intend to do). It will provide a forum for ideas and interaction, for marketing and promotion, for mentoring and training. All stuff that I've done for many years - working in a corporate context, running a small business, and freelance.

But this time I'll be focusing on what the arts and artists can add to the mix of business and community. (I mean the whole range of arts and artists ... not just the visual arts.)

Over the last 10 years it has become increasingly accepted that the arts play an important role in the economic life of the country and in the regeneration of communities.

Yet still so many of us as artists struggle to find a voice and a place where our skills and creativity can be taken more seriously and put to a wider use.

Well, this is the first challenge then, eh? To exercise a bit of creativity and see if we can gather some information and come up with some ideas that will start to change things ... for ourselves and for others.

Just subscribed to your new blog. I couldn't even maintain my blogroll let alone two blogs. Great idea, though!
I'm not sure how well I'll do either! But I'll give it a go.
I think that you have a blog starting addiction. You should talk to someone about it ....


Caroline, please refer to :
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