Monday, December 31, 2007

A Little Self-Analysis

For some weeks now I have been producing small pictures. They are 6 x 4 ins. on lightweight polyboard. I’m not doing them for my show in January (though I will show them there) – I’d started them before I’d booked it. I just wanted to paint. I hadn’t actually done any for ages. Lots of other things … but no painting.

I wanted to explore my ‘visual language’ – to understand it better and to get a little more fluent. It involves paint, surface texture, colour, images, words, found elements (sticks and stones etc.). I also wanted to work creatively with what I already had rather than go out and buy new materials or look for new ideas. I wanted to have no agenda other than to paint and express.

I soon found a rhythm in what I was doing. Applying, leaving time to dry, applying some more, painting, sticking, varnishing. As I went along I became more fluent and could begin to add small touches here and there. I began to know what I was doing so I could repeat the process with variations. The pieces began to emerge and the colours stood out. Lining them up I began to feel pleased.

I was painting in tongues.

Then it got complicated. I decided to try 2 larger pieces (10 x 14 ins.). I applied the same techniques to start, but obviously on a bigger scale. And soon I was stuck. I pushed myself to make it work, but it wasn’t happening.

I’d lost my syncopation.

It’s an interesting process. It seems there is a creative seam to be mined at any one time and it’s no good going off at tangents – no matter how small the variation might seem to be.

The other strange thing is that I’m starting to feel like a tradesman or an artisan. I can paint and I know how to produce pictures. I’m starting to understand my craft as well as understanding myself. It’s building my confidence.

And that has to be a good thing.

OK … you can wake up now.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Update ...

haven't posted for ages ... been painting. feels like i haven't done any for ages. pics to follow ... sometime.

got a solo show booked in a small gallery in pontyclun ... private view january 19th.

lots to do.

christmas is a nuisance.

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