Thursday, December 20, 2007

Quick Update ...

haven't posted for ages ... been painting. feels like i haven't done any for ages. pics to follow ... sometime.

got a solo show booked in a small gallery in pontyclun ... private view january 19th.

lots to do.

christmas is a nuisance.

Congratulations on the solo show! That's great!

I know what you mean about Christmas being a nuisance too. It really messes with any creative rhythm you might have been able to establish.
Bah humbug but also yay!

Merry Christmas and haapy painting.
Angela: Thanks, I am in a good rhythm and Christmas does seem to go on for ever!! BUT I'm going to use the time with my kids to draw on their creativity for how I can put the show together. Ha!

Caroline: I deserved at least one "bah humbug" for the Christmas comment! My youngest daughter (who's just back from Brasil for a little while - yay!) has said she's bringing Christmas into my place whether I like it or not!
HAPPY CHRISTMAS...Let us have details of the show. Love Karen &
Hi D & K! I will send you the details in the new year. Have a good 'un!
No point resisting - Chrismas is coming - so enjoy
Wishing you a happy one!
Faye saw Claire and Jo separately in Borders in Kingston where she is working over Xmas
Your show sounds exciting
Thanks Maddy- I hope you all have a great day!
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