Monday, January 21, 2008


The Private View on Saturday went well. Very well, I think.

Jo and Joesto helped me to set it all up in the afternoon and they did a great job for me ... much better than I could have done on my own.

Beth Giles (the gallery owner) was very accomodating making the whole thing hassle free. She's also handling the sales for me.

I guess about 40 people came ... and their encouragement and support means so much to me. Thanks to each one of them. It was great to have so many old and new friends there as well as family. Some people came from far far away ... how lovely is that?!

I sold a few pictures, which is also great, and had some good conversations about them. I'm not being funny or anything, but some people are suprisingly switched on about art and asked some brilliant questions and gave me some excellent feedback.

The exhibition will run for 2 weeks so if you're in the area, please drop in ... and give me a call if you are and maybe I can meet you there.

What's Next?

Next is a 3-day Craft event at the Red Dragon Centre in Cardiff Bay. It kicks off on Friday (lunchtime) and runs through to Sunday. The Centre is a great place to visit so come down and see us.

Peter I really enjoyed it and so did my mum. Im very pleased with my picture which I didn't realise was the one you put on the last blog. I feel like I'm understanding here you are coming from a bit more.
Keep going and hope the Cardif event goes well
Thank you Maddy ... it was great to see you both there ... thanks for making the journey. Glad you like your picture!
Ah, yeah, it was great! Hope this weekend goes well xxx
Hi Jo! It was OK wasn't it? Thanks for all you & JTs help. X
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