Thursday, February 28, 2008

Fashionable Art

Art is playing a big part in fashion at the moment. The current collections and advertising campaigns from Dolce & Gabbana and Prada feature incredible fabrics that have been produced by young artists working directly onto the material, which is then made up into clothing.

Read the Vogue article(s) here.

I love the idea of art being something you wear, sit on, eat off, live with and not just look at. One of my problems with the 'white cube' gallery concept is that it's so clinical and detached ... you can't touch the pictures, let alone lick 'em!

For some time I've been producing 'products' in a series called "Art Comes To Life". I guess the jewellery falls into this category, as do mirrors, boxes, bowls and this ...

It's called "A chair for all seasons" and it has images of different seasons on it as well as some extracts from the Bible that refer to the seasons. The idea is that there's a place to sit and rest whatever the times and seasons we find ourselves in.

It was an old wooden chair that was going to be thrown out. And I'm going to work more with the idea of reclaiming and restoring worn out, broken down things, and giving them a new beauty, meaning and purpose. It resonates with me.

This chair will be going on sale at the Red Dragon Craft Fair this coming Friday to Sunday.

Dad! You're selling the chair!! Make sure if you do it goes to a good home for a GOOD PRICE! You'd better get making some more...

I LOVE the dresses you showed and the idea of art in every area of life.

And coincidentally the essay I just wrote was on the 'white cube' and whether it's a relevant setting for arts/crafts.

Mmmmm, must become amazing textile designer for big fashion houses...
I love that chair. It's so beautiful! How much do you hope to sell it for?

Hi Jo! Yep, having a go at selling the chair ... even if I don't it will make my stall look good! Those D & G dresses are FAB aren't they? I'd really like to read your essay, btw.

Hi Caroline! I like the chair too and I'm not sure how I feel about selling it. I'm afraid I'll sell it too cheap just cos I'm crap like that. Ideally, I'd like £250 for it - though I should probably ask for more. Gah! I hate this bit!
Exciting chair. I really like it!
Must get to one of the craft fair's and see your stuff!
it´s great to be back! i´m lovin it! did you get my email that i sent when i got here? i don´t know if you´re getting any of my emails...!

anyway, let me know how the craft fair goes this weekend!

missin ya too!

hi Duncan! Come down and see us ... u will do well here!

Claire! I'm so glad ur OK. I'm not getting ur emails ... what's up???? I'm MISSING u baby!!!!
oh no! I don´t know what´s happening... I´ve got the right address!!! I´ll try sending one from another email account...
that means you probably didn´t get any of the emails I sent..ever...!?!

I´ll try again!

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