Saturday, February 23, 2008

Images of Earth and Spirit - how to read 'em

This (seemingly never-ending) series of paintings explore the hidden energy of the natural world. The things we can't see embedded in the things we can. (BIG questions about this and how to describe what I'm attempting. For instance, is the tangible the real thing and everything else simply a component part? How do the tangible and the intangible co-exist and affect each other? Is the intangible the more real and the tangible just a temporary manifestation?)


The pictures take a look behind the scenes; they split things open; they focus in on the detail. They portray randomness and selection, excitement and energy, chaos and order. Things that are familiar become abstract. Images and impressions are combined with a mixture of colours, textures, shapes and symbols.

Sometimes it’s in the detail that the whole is seen more clearly and more deeply.

These pictures represent a different way of looking at things.

So, how does anyone 'read' them? I'll give you a few pointers. (You do realise I write as much for my own understanding as for yours?)

Intense colours create a strong visual context and, across the whole series of pictures, represent the spectrum of colours found in nature.

Background textures combine with the use of natural elements to create a tactile surface.

The surface of the picture is embellished with beads and gold or silver leaf to represent preciousness and to create a sparkling surface.

The central image of each picture is a cropped photo representing the realism and sense of
location on which each picture is based. Any words that are included add another level of depth, insight and meaning.

There's also a thing about numbers going on in some of them, but I'll leave that until another time.

When I click my fingers you will wake up and remember nothing.

What I love about the top two is the imposition of a kind of visual order over the chaos. It's such a statement of human nature! Keep going with these -- they're really refreshing.
Thanks, Andrea ... cosmos out of chaos is a recurring theme of mine! Just wish my life could follow suit!!!
i remember that I wanted that painting!!!

LOL Claire ... it's gone to a happy home (I hope!). Talking of which, are you happy to be home in Brasil? Good journey? Missing you.
Great to see Martin give you a plug! Catch up with you soon ,Love from us both, Karen & Duncan
Aye, Duncan & Karen, he's a good man. Hope your both well!
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