Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Size Matters

At my recent exhibition someone expressed suprise at the scale of the pictures ... as in how small they are.

I've done a lot of pictures in a 6ins by 4ins format ... as I mentioned before, when I tried to scale them up I couldn't. Weird, huh?

More recently I've been producing brooches and pendants that are similar but even smaller!
I used to work on a much larger scale (measuring feet rather than inches). But as my life has got smaller, so has my art.

Now I feel ready to try scaling up again. I've worked out how to do it (in my head) so let's see if I can do it in reality!

I want to produce big pieces for 'corporate' environments ... in the entrances ... so as to affect how people enter into places. I think this could work in certain environments when people come to work or worship. So often foyers are places people simply hang around in or pass through and then try to make the leap into whatever it is they are there for. Church buildings come to mind.

I think there need to be transitional places where people can enter into the 'space' they are there to work or worship in.

Entering is so important, but we tend to rush in and just 'get on with it' ... often relying on others to create the context and the meaning for us.

I remember ... years ago ... going into a church building for a christian conference. There was art all over the walls! There were life drawings, abstracts, representational art and all sorts! I thought this was a group who were really doing something with art and then bringing it into their community life. It was fabulous, and it made me so ready to engage with what was to be said.


The first thing the faciltator did was to apologise for the art. It was all done by a local arts society, and they hadn't taken it down in time for the conference!

I want to leave a comment as profound as your post, but all I can think to say is YES!

And I can't wait to see what you create in a large format. Though I also hope you don't give up on these lovely small gems.
'YES' is good Angela! You're always an encouragement - thank you!
Hi Pete,

Bit random, this is Pete Moore, son of Jenny and Alan and was just stopping by to say hi. I was passed onto your sight via Martins blog and really enjoyed what youve been up to. I was also wondering if you have done anything around the theme of Resurrection?
Like your post about the relationship between the visible and invisible, I have been thinking around how so often theological issues remain abstract and are often never incarnated, they are seen as high and lofty beliefs but never worked into the nuts and bolts of everyday life. Anyway, I would love to talk some more about the role of art and creativity in spirituality so if your up for it you can reach me at petemoore2000@hotmail.com

Great post. I couldn't agree more about entrance spaces -they're always ignored and art in those places can make such an impact. Exciting ideas :)
Oh, and once again, GORGEOUS brooches and pendants.
Hiya Pete! Good of you to drop in!
I'll email you.

Thanks Jo! Imagine a hooge picture with those leave you picked up in the park in Cardiff! eh? The broches and pendants are fun ... I'll see if I sell any at the craft fair this weekend!
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