Friday, March 28, 2008

AJ's Coffee House


It's up and running.

Walking on Water.

Pictures and paintings exploring the physical and mystical properties of water.

Jo helped me to set it all up. And it's just as well otherwise I'd still be there now, umming and ahhing. It doesn't look anything like I had in mind, but that's because what I had in mind would have been too boring for words. In the event it looks pretty good.

Here are some snaps.

Looks good !!!
Hi Monica! You'll get to see them first-hand while you're waiting for your food!!!
Look forward to. How long will they be there for? Becs away in Egypt and Petra next week so won't be in AJ's till week after.
Looks great and the framing makes it even better. Did you have them specially framed or did you find a cheaper solution?
Monica - the exhibition will be there for a month or so.

Hi Andrea - the black frames on the drawings were bought after much searching for the right ones; I made the white ones on the paintings.
I can't wait to hang out in there a bit more next week :)
Oh yeah, Jo, it'll be fun! We'll work on our business plans in there!
looks great!
but i´m jealous! i want to hang out with you guys in AJ´s!!!
Brazil doesn´t have coffee shops OR pubs! what´s that all about?!!
Claire ... then you have a very important mission!!! lol We both wish you were here too!
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Saw exibition today while waiting for lunch. Looks very good 'in the flesh' so to speak !!!
Thanks, Monica! I'm pleased with how it looks too!
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