Thursday, March 13, 2008

I don't like mess

I'm too neat and methodical when it comes to my work. I don't want to do it unless it's going to be good. I expect every drawing and every painting to be excellent ... or at least bloggable!

It's my left brain controlling my right brain again. I have lots of ideas but they quickly become systematised and sensible. Everything has to have an end result, which can take the fun out of the process (for me).

I'm often bored before even I start because I've thought about it and analysed it so much. In my head I've done it (successfully, of course) and I'm ready to move onto something new.

That's why I loved this so much when I came across it recently (and I'm sorry but I can't remember where and I tend not to note the author, just the quote - my bad).

"You have to keep scribbling and sketching, modelling and planning and thinking, setting things up to knock them down, scrumpling up bits of paper and throwing them in the bin, crashing and rebooting your computer, working continuously with enthusiasm and energy and wit, and above all without any embarrassment about the obvious cock-ups along the way".

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