Saturday, March 08, 2008

I'm not very crafty

In a lickle while I'm off to another Craft Fair. I enjoy them ... they get me out of the flat ... I meet some fab people (and a few twats). But I don't sell anything and they cost me money.

Am I stupid?

I have this tendency to stick at things ... even when I should have moved on long ago.

Last week, as I mentioned, I took my 'chair'. But I left it in the car. Didn't put it out on show. Because of the reasons.

Some people sold LOADS of stuff. One thing that always seems to sell well is cute stuff.





I think I'd do better at an Art Fair, rather than a Craft Fair. But I don't know of any.

Ah well. Just rambling.

Sometimes I even bore myself.

A few years back, the end of 2001 actually (what a sucky year that was), I tried the whole craft fair thing, back before I listened to that little voice telling me to follow my true calling as an artist. It was depressing how much crap (most of it cute) I saw sell, while the truly lovely stuff just sat there looking truly lovely. I never went back, not even just to shop.

Since moving here I have had a chance to attend a fantastic Art & Crafts Fair put on by the Bellevue Arts Museum. It's huge, and very popular, and full of real Art and high quality Craft, blurring the distinction, so maybe not all hope is lost. Just have to be very picky about which fairs you attend.

Now I'm rambling. :)
LOL but a good ramble! Maybe we / someone needs to reinvent the arts and crafts thing ... maybe the distinctions should be blurred more than they are. I'm thinking of researching the arts and crafts movement that was popular in the UK back in ... whenever! (Victorian times?)
Just attended a Craft Fair meself - a depressingly unsuccessful one too! Believe me, sometimes the punters can turn their noses up at 'cute' too, even if you serve it up to them syrup and honey coated with pink ribbons on a silver plated platter whistling On The Good Ship Lollypop accompanied by an Hungarian violinist and bathed in the rosy glow of a nineteen fifties movie with Doris Day as a nun singing Secret Love whilst praying for Lassie to come home! There's just no pleasing some people - it's enough to drive you to misanthropy!
errr ... Anonymous ... what are you smoking? And can I have some? And who the eff are you?
I don't think craft fairs are the right thing for you. But I think you should keep in touch with the people who run them (the good ones that you've met). I have some vague ideas that we can talk about when I'm in Cardiff.

AND...I know the frustrations only too well as I am actually studying a 'craft' degree but think a lot about where that places my work, as so many crafts are not at all contemporary. It's a tricky one no matter which side of the coin your work falls.

Oh, and I have loads of information about the arts and crafts movement and stuff like that. I'll bring it for you to read through.
Jo! You're a STAR! I think, for me, it's not just the 'artist' thing - it's the 'visual' thing. That's wht I'm also excited by textiles, fashion, retail, design, office environments, architecture, film - you get the idea! I just have a particular role to play within all that ... and I think it's something to do with paper and paint.
Yes, you're right. Me too. Although mine might have to do with fabric.

We need to start contemporary visual arts fairs (or something).
I think anonymous sum's it up rather well.Found much the same thing myself.There must be a better way. Keep rambling Peter you may just stumble onto it...Duncan
YAY Jo ... how come we always want to change the world?????

You may be right Duncan ... what started out as an incidental little ramble on my blog seems to have attracted a lot of comments!!!
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