Monday, March 24, 2008

Lacroix, darling, Lacroix

I read this in "On Fashion" by Christian Lacroix:

(brace yourselves)

"Around three or four hundred sketches, produced one after another, on several successive days, are the genesis of every haute couture collection."
How many???

Did he just say THREE or FOUR HUNDRED?

I'm gobsmacked every time I read that.

And how many collections does he show a year? 2? 4?

And that's just the sketches!

(Can you tell I'm gobsmacked?)

I love the idea of that kind of fertility and productivity. And hard work. If I do one OK sketch I'm happy! Not to mention exhausted, darling.

When I was young, I read "Tinker At Pilgrim Creek" by Annie Dillard. In it I came across a word that has always stuck with me, though it's not one I get to use very often in conversation. It's "fecundity".


Sounds kinda durty, don't it?

When I was re-reading Genesis in the Bible, lately, I was struck at the "fecundity" in creation. Not just one tree, but loads (don't try to pin me down on the exact number). And each tree had the seeds within it to produce like millions of other trees.

So, at the risk of sounding durty (again), I want to be fecund.







(I'm done now)


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