Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Right then ... no left ... no right ... no ...

I think I've been in a car crash. Or had a stroke. I'm not sure.

I was in the hairdressers the other week and as I looked in the mirror I could see the join. Like two halves of a second- hand car welded together. One half of my face didn't match the other half.

I know the thing about one half of your body being different to the other half ... bigger hands, feet etc.

<-------------- this is a fascinating book, btw

In fact, it was the subject of some considerable exploration when I was in therapy. My left brain being dominant and controlling my right side, my right brain needing to be freed up to allow my left side to develop.

Right, left : logical, intuitive : male, female ... and so on.

During that time I produced a series of pictures and a book entitled "Left With God". They've still never seen the light of day. They were based around the idea of the opposite of 'right' being 'left' not 'wrong'.

I used to be a Project Manager, now I'm a Visual Artist. I'm learning to combine both.

The two sides of me still don't match up ... I'm not yet whole. I can see the join when I look in a mirror. In a harsh light.

I have to stop looking in mirrors.

Looking at your art, I'm surprised you're left-hemisphere dominant. You certainly don't paint like a linear thinker! Sounds like you're becoming more female :) -- apparently there is greater integration between the hemispheres in women than in men.
Andrea ... I don't think I am naturally left-hemisphere dominant ... I think its the result of conditioning and training ... and choices, obviously. And maybe I am becoming more female ... I believe there's a lot for us men to learn and experience from women.
so it´s YOUR fault i have a wonky face!

and a wonky life...!

LMAO Claire! It's true! Blame me! Difference is ... I really AM wonky ... you just THINK you are!!!

(Wonky's one of those words ... the more you say it, the more it makes you laugh)
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