Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Artificial Landscape

Driving up past Cilfynydd, I noticed again the rolling hills.

Except they're not.

They are slagheaps left over from mining days. They have been landscaped to look like hills and the thin grass and yellow gorse have done a wonderful job of covering and disguising them.

But where the grass and the gorse slip away - unable to maintain a grip - the hidden slag is once again revealed.

It's a strange kind of beauty and I don't know why it moves me so. It's something about our relationship to the land.

I know the world needed coal.

I know communities needed work.

I know that closing the pits was an economic and social disaster.

But I look at the scars and think,




Sunday, April 27, 2008

No Money in Art?

Art Basel Miami, in December of last year, showed 2,000 artists at 200 galleries. Estimated sales were $300m.
ArtWorld March 2008

Sotheby’s and Christie’s, the two main art auction houses, together sold a record $12.5bn in artworks last year, a rise of more than 40 per cent as the art market showed no sign of slowing.

Christie’s last year sold $6.3bn in artworks, a 36 per cent rise on the previous year. Private sales almost doubled to $542m

Sotheby’s said it lifted sales last year by 51 per cent to $6.2bn
FT January 18 2008

Banks and companies are spending record amounts on the arts, music and theatre as they seek to boost their brand, motivate workers and develop links with the cultural world.

Private sector investment in the cultural sector rose to £600m ($1.19bn) last year, a 10 per cent increase on the previous year, according to figures to be published on Wednesday by Arts and Business, the consultancy.

Simon Fletcher, who helps oversee Clifford Chance’s art and sponsorship strategy, says: “We collect art to make the days go better for people who work in and visit our offices. It raises intellectual curiosity and stimulates. If it does that and helps our business, then that is money well spent.”
FT January 29 2008

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Arts Initiative in Cardiff

A new Gallery, with studio space and facilities is opening in Cardiff! Check this out:


How cool is that?!

I tell you, Cardiff is the place to be ... !

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on AJ's Exhibition

OK, so the "Walking On Water" exhibition is up and running at AJ's Coffee House, but I've done very little so far to promote it. My bad.

I was going to do a Private View and invite y'all, but I can't afford it. And anyway, I'm not always happy with them because I don't get to talk to people one-to-one or for any length of time.

For me, an exhibition is about initiating a conversation and testing some of my ideas. Many of the pictures I produce are done because I have an agenda and I want to talk about it. Not because I want you to agree with me, or come round to my way of seeing things. In fact, I'd be quite pleased if you could get me to change my point of view! It's the conversation I want.


It came to me in a sudden flash of inspiration (duh!) that AJ's is a Coffee Shop and therefore a great place to sit and chat while viewing my exhibition! We would be able to spend some 'quality time' together and you can buy art!

So this is an open invitation to you (yes, you!) to arrange to come and meet me at AJ's for coffee and a snack (they do good grub) and find out a bit more about what I'm up to. Just email me and let's see what we can sort out. If you come from far away then make a day of it and I will give you the grand tour of Cardiff (no jokes, please!).

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