Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on AJ's Exhibition

OK, so the "Walking On Water" exhibition is up and running at AJ's Coffee House, but I've done very little so far to promote it. My bad.

I was going to do a Private View and invite y'all, but I can't afford it. And anyway, I'm not always happy with them because I don't get to talk to people one-to-one or for any length of time.

For me, an exhibition is about initiating a conversation and testing some of my ideas. Many of the pictures I produce are done because I have an agenda and I want to talk about it. Not because I want you to agree with me, or come round to my way of seeing things. In fact, I'd be quite pleased if you could get me to change my point of view! It's the conversation I want.


It came to me in a sudden flash of inspiration (duh!) that AJ's is a Coffee Shop and therefore a great place to sit and chat while viewing my exhibition! We would be able to spend some 'quality time' together and you can buy art!

So this is an open invitation to you (yes, you!) to arrange to come and meet me at AJ's for coffee and a snack (they do good grub) and find out a bit more about what I'm up to. Just email me and let's see what we can sort out. If you come from far away then make a day of it and I will give you the grand tour of Cardiff (no jokes, please!).

What a lovely invitation! I wish I could take you up on it. I'd love to have a cup of coffee and discuss art with you.

Of course, if I did manage to get all the way there, I'd probably expect a tour of Wales, not just Cardiff. :)
I'm insulted that you didn't do a Private View and pay my fare. You can make up for it now. Shall I give you my address for the plane ticket?
Angela! We could tour Wales in a day! Wouldn't it be fab to get totally caffeinated and talk about art for hours??!!!

Andrea! You won't need a ticket ... I'll send my private jet. The art thing is going REALLY well, you know ... !
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