Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Cardiff : Characters

Just got back from a brilliant photography exhibition entitled "Cardiff : Characters" by Dan Green (check out his website here). The photos are a fascinating selection of people regularly seen around Cardiff. I walk around Cardiff a lot and I see many of these characters in the background, but suddenly they are brought into the foreground and add to the richness and texture of the city. Somehow you can never see Cardiff the same again after seeing this exhibition. Unfortunately it ends tomorrow. But Dan has big plans for extending it and making it an on-going project.

As part of the exhibition, Dan - together with the production company widelode - has edited together some of his video clips with the people and the sounds forming a funky soundtrack. Hopefully it will be available on DVD soon because it's well worth a watch!

As Cardiff takes a new shape with the development of St. David's 2, this exhibition helps us to remember that the city is all about the people. And in the days of stylised shopping centres, it's the characters who make the place.

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