Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Red Dragon Craft Fair

For a great review of the last Red Dragon Craft Fair, and an intro to a lovely blogger, visit:


Wow! No wonder you think she's lovely! (teehee)
She took really nice photos of your stuff...
I'm just a sucker for flattery!
woohoo! we like this lady...
your stuff does look great though... you are very deserving of any flattery received!
how are the craft fairs going??

hey Claire! How's u lovely? The craft fairs have been a bit pants to be honest ... I'm making more money at car boot sales lol!
hehe! oh well, the car boot sales are more fun anyway (mostly because of the burger vans)...
have you been getting my emails since i got back? i checked yoru address again but if you´re not getting them i´ll start sending them from a different account...
just let me know...

no, Claire, I haven't got anything from you! Did u get the one I sent you a few weeks back???!!!!
yeah i did... and i replied and sent another one too... hmph! I´ll try sending one from my gmail account to see if that works, and I´ll ask Jo to forward you the other one i sent...
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