Friday, June 27, 2008

Life Imitates Art (or vice versa)

That was interesting.

I was in AJs Coffee House doing some thinking, writing ... and drinking coffee (obviously). My "Walking on Water" exhibition is still up there.

Monica (who sometimes comments on here) came in with her family for lunch, but took a moment to sit with me and ask me how I'd been. She, like others, noticed I hadn't been blogging for a while.

I tried to explain how things have been a bit weird and I haven't been doing very much. How uninspired I've been. I was struggling for words to explain how it has been for me.

Monica looked around and my pictures of water and then looked at me.

"You've been in a drought" she said.


I hadn't been able to find a "frame" of reference to put it into ... but now I have.

Thanks Monica.

Droughts. We has them. (I'm starting to think in LOLCAT -- bad sign!) Looking forward to pictures to go with your words. Maybe a desert scene or two?
Pretty much what Andrea said. After painting all those watery paintings for my show, I'm feeling a little desert-ish myself. I'm painting, slowly, trying to take it easy on myself though, and letting myself refill.
Hi Andrea ... I'm making some small pictures again ... this time of the land! (had enough of water for the time being!) BTW ... what is LOLCAT?????????????

Hi Angela ... I didn't realise for ages that there was anything amiss after I put the show up! Then I thought I was just being lazy so beat myself around the head for a bit. Then I fessed up to some friends and started to get some perspective and get back to some work. I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box!!!
I think it's ok to have a rest. You can't just produce and produce every day. Think of it as a body of work over many years that you're working on.

Enjoy some time off! Have Summer holidays with me!

P.S. Just the fact that you were sitting in the coffee shop looking at YOUR show is pretty cool, isn't it? Earns some good down time, I'd say.
Yeah, Jo ... it is cool! And I feel under a lot less pressure now. Looking forward to seeing you!!!!
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