Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Drawing from nature

I try to get out for a walk each day. I take a small sketch book and pencil.

Being a person of routine, I take the same route each day (though if I’m feeling very daring, I may do it in reverse!) (obviously I don’t mean I walk backwards) (clear?).

I go to Bute Park and as I enter I feel myself relax. I’m a bit of a regular now and most of the trees recognise me so we have a little chat as I walk. (Stop me when this gets too weird for you). There are open spaces, patches of grass and wildflowers, wooded areas and a river. It’s all rather lovely.

I try to do a sketch each day. Actually, I try not to try because that makes it an
effort – an attempt to be productive so I can justify my time. I don’t often get asked, but in my head I hear it all the time: “What did you do today?” Saying I went out sketching sounds so much better than saying I went out for a walk.

But I often do anyway. A sketch, that is. (Try to keep up).

I draw tree trunks.

And I’ve noticed that my drawing ‘style’ has changed. I don’t know what it used to be like – a bit heavy-handed I think. But now it’s a lot gentler. The lines are lighter on the page, the forms a lot more … well, feminine actually. And, in fact, some of the tree trunks I sketch begin to look like the female

(Don’t get all Freudian on me … I know how it sounds).

I’m enjoying watching my style develop and change. It pleases me. It doesn’t come naturally yet – I still often find myself adding too many lines, too many marks, too much shading.

But if I don’t try too hard, it sometimes happens.

Your tree trunks look almost human. I love that!
When I saw the sketches I thought hmm, his drawing style has changed... the lines are a lot lighter... and these trees look almost human... then I read what you wrote. Love these sketches...they´re peaceful. If that makes any sense.
Say hi to Treebeard for me.

Andrea: it's great how they're turning out like that, though it's not intentional!

Claire: they are peaceful, aren't they? I hadn't thought of them like that but I'm definitely more relaxed when I'm doing them. Love the Treebeard reference!
What a beautiful post! And beautiful sketches! I love tree trunks too. Big roots are great too. And leaves.

And I can identify with what you're saying here.
Hi Peter,
Isn't there a song about talking to the trees? It'll be the animals next !! lol Hope the world is treating you ok.
Hi Angela! Trees are fab aren't they ... not very good conversationalists though.

Hi Monica! Trees, animals ... anything's better than talking to meself!
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