Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Works in Progress

The overall theme I work to in my art is "Images of Earth and Spirit". Within that, though, I like to develop different themes and to produce a series of work depicting each theme. Such as "Walking on Water", which I've got running currently.

Years and years ago I heard about planes landing at Heathrow - which they do. What I read was, that at any time, the flight controller would be managing 3 planes - one which was touching down imminently; one which was lining up on the runway; and one which was still some way in the distance but was getting into alignment.

And that has often served me as an analogy in the way I manage things. One thing I'm playing close attention to; one thing I'm trying to get in place for a landing; and one thing at a bit of a distance but that I'm aware needs some attention.

So, regarding the art.

I have 3 things currently in development.
  1. a series of studies called "Stripped". These are photos of places I've been, that have had some significance for me, that I tear apart and try to depict what is going on behind the scenes.
  2. I've just started going back into Mid Wales do some sketches and photos on the theme of "Contour". This is just beginning to line up in my thinking. (I've just got back from there so I'm writing all this down while it's fresh in my mind. I have the memory of a goldfish).
  3. a series of pictures of North Wales called "Speak" which will be about not what the land says to us but what we say to the land. This is on the horizon. (I tried to kick-start it last year but it didn't work out.)
Bearing in mind that I'm good at starting things but not good at seeing them through to completion, I'll blog about these as I go to try to record the development. This is not only for my own purposes, but also because I'm hoping for some connections and conversations about them as I go along.

That way I may be able to figure out what on earth I'm thinking and doing.

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