Monday, August 11, 2008


This is a sculpture I made some time ago but which I have now sold.

It is made up of plaster-soaked rags on a wire armature and painted white. It’s called ‘Prophet’.

It represents the struggle to rise up out of chaos and entanglements, and to point the way determinedly towards the future.

It’s going to someone who’s had his eye on it for some time and who ‘got it’ without me having to explain it.

I’m glad it’s going to a good home.

Think your sculpture looks good. Glad it is going to a good home. Hope all is ok in your world. Haven't seen you in AJ's lately. Have you gone off their coffee? lol
Take care.
As if I'd ever go off their coffee!!! I've been in a few times ... just seem to have missed you! Hope to catch up with you soon ... I'll pop in to see you at Porthcawl if I can.
Thats some good news.
Was just talking to Claire live on facebook
Hi Maddy! Lucky you - chatting live to Claire! I miss her sooooo much!!!!
Hiya Peter,
Have been meaning to post you a comment for ages but somehow haven't got round to it.
Great to see you posting again I really enjoy your blogs!
Congratulations on the sale and I am glad to see it has gone to a good home.Well Done!
I hope you don't mind but I have posted a link of your blog page on my website.I hope it will bring you lots of traffic and lots of sales!
Take Care
HI Christine! Long time no see! Thanks for commenting and thanks for the link. Great to see you blogging too! Hope you guys are well.
i miss you too pops!
but you just keep selling all the pieces i most love! its a good thing really, but i must start buying some of them!
This sculpture is AWESOME, Peter!

I love it when someone gets my work without my having to explain it.
Claire ... you know you can have anything you want from me!!!! I'll make sure you have one or two pieces for your new home next year!

Angela ... it's like when you have to explain a joke, isn't it? It's no longer funny. I know it's good to have explanations but, like you say, it's even better when someone just 'gets it'.
Pete - love the sculpture.

Maddy mentioning facebook made me think - why aren't you on facebook?

I'm sure you could handle it if you can handle a blog!

be good to catch up sometime...

Hey Phil!!! Could to hear from you!!! Facebook? I'm too old for that sort of thing!!!! Hope you guys are well and it would be great to catch up with you soon ... if only to give you Your Spaced DVDs back!!!
You still have them!?!?
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