Friday, August 15, 2008

The River Is Rising

It’s been raining hard and for a long time.

And now the river is rising. Not yet in full flood – it’s still constrained by the artificial banks designed to keep it in its place – it is nevertheless rolling, churning and crashing with what seems like pent-up anger.

The rain has been falling relentlessly, like it has a job to do.

And now the water level is higher than it has been for a long time.

After the crashing and chaos of the river at the weir, it settles into a stronger and more determined flow – less inclined to flow gently around obstacles in its path. Now it has a greater depth and breadth and needs more room to accommodate it. It’s anxious now to get out of this channel it has been driven into – even though it’s this very channel that is giving it force and focus.

The river seems to know where it’s going and what it needs to do. Soon it will find fresh fields to flood into – places to extend and expand. It will find new channels to explore and carve its own into the land.

And at its end it will join with all the water in all the world and flow into the sea.

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